About Us

Started back in 1992 by Mr. Kamesh Kumar Gupta with a small setup with a aim to provide all types of medecines to the citizens nearby, Now Gupta medical store is having all types of medecines i.e. 

1. Allopathic,
2. Homeopathis,
3. Yunani medecines,
4. Ayurvedic Medicines and also
5. Veterinary medicines.

Now after 25 years of Successfull running of store we are one of the best medical stores in the city where people can trust for genuinity and originality of medicines.

Gupta Medical Store is Well known for the Availability of all kind of medicine and in every possible salt in the market. We also Cater the people with a wide range of Beauty products i.e. Face washes, Scrubs, Face Packs, Etc.